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What readers are saying...

"The novel's strength lies in Drea's dynamic personality: a combination of surprising immaturity, childish wonder, and profound insight. Her search for stability and need to escape being labeled is poignant and convincing."
-Publishers Weekly

"Fans of Rachel Cohn and David Levithan's Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2006) will recognize similarities in the dialogue and romance between music insiders, but this title leads to a sobering, tragic ending that underscores the message that all teens, regardless of how they’re wired, struggle to find connection, meaning, love, and purpose."

"It is a brilliant first-published novel that brims with optimism and glee as we watch a teen define herself by her good deeds and not her social illness."

"The music that brings them together adds dimensionality to Drea's disorder, with her ability to maintain single-minded focus enabling her to be quite successful in manipulating sound design, and an unexpected plot turn makes this story about much more than Drea's disability. This joins books like Beverly Brenna's Wild Orchid (BCCB 6/06) in presenting complex portraits of characters who are successfully navigating their lives with spectrum disorders."

"Complex and multifaceted characters give this story warmth, heart and maturity. Drea's diagnosis informs her experiences and behaviors but refreshingly does not define her character..."
-Kirkus Reviews

"Alternately heartwarming and heartbreaking, Harmonic Feedback is a book about acceptance, exclusion, joy, pain, loss, and finding your way in a world that makes no sense to you. In short, it is a very real view of what it means to be a teen today and a fine first novel for Tara Kelly."
-Ellen Hopkins, New York Times Bestselling Author of Crank, Burned, Glass, Impulse, and Tricks.

"Harmonic Feedback is an impossible to put down, must-read book. Brilliantly written and filled with music, but even more so with emotional truth. Anyone who felt like an outsider will relate to Drea's story, which is not just about Aspergers, but finding love and true friendship and trying to hold on to it. We've all been there, but you get a fresh and honest take on teenage life through Drea's eyes."

Stephanie Kuehnert
Ballads of Suburbia and I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone